Sunday, July 6, 2008


Saturday night I went out to help celebrate a Bachelorette Party for my future sister-in-law, Claire. I had lots of fun getting to know her friends at dinner and bowling. We then decided to go to a bar, which considering I probably haven't been to a bar in 10+ years, it's not surprising that I decided to go home. I went to say goody-bye to Claire. She decided she wanted to go home too, so I took her home. It is worth mentioning at this point, I was the only one not drinking.

I dropped her off fine and was backing out of her driveway, when I made a big mistake. I decided to backup just a little further. I heard a BIG CRUNCH! Oh, NO! I had looked back, but didn't see anything, but obviously something was there. So I pulled my car over, got out, looked at the car I had just hit and went and got Claire. Claire came and looked at the car and said that was her friend's car! Oh, whatever had I done. We went back into the house and I wrote a note and put it on the car. I also called the owner to let her know that I had backed into her car and that her front quarter panel would definitely have to be replaced and maybe the door too (it was too dark for me to tell if the door only had a scratch on it or more). I got a hold of the owner this morning and thankfully she is very understanding and I'm not sure if it's better or not, but it's her company's car. I gave her all my insurance information and will just let them deal with it.

My beloved Odyssey's bumper was pushed in a little and Tom was able to get it out most of the way, but you can tell that I hit something. So we will have the repair shop look at it too to make sure there isn't more damage that we can't see.

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Anonymous said...

OUCH! That really sucks Vicky! I know how it feels though. A lady and I backed into each other and that was my first ding on my beloved Odyssey :)