Monday, July 14, 2008

Joey's First Haircut

Joey had his first haircut by a hairdresser this past Wednesday. I've been cutting his hair, but decided for Uncle Chris and Aunt Claire's wedding that I better have it done professionally. Tommy went first, so that we could get Joey excited about getting his haircut. Joey seemed excited until we put him in the chair. He wasn't quite sure about this whole thing. I walked away figuring it would be better for the lady cut his hair on her own without Mom standing right there. He did pretty well considering it was his first time in the big chair and getting his haircut by someone other than me. (Not that he does all that well with me either.) The lady then pulled out the trimmer to straighten the bottom edge of his hair and to do above his ears. He definitely did not like the sound the trimmer made, so I had to help her hold his head still so she could try to get a straight line. Overall, Joey did really well following in Tommy's footsteps of getting a big boy haircut for the first time.

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Julie said...

Awww! So handsome!