Friday, November 14, 2008

i-Pod Twin

For those of you who don't know, I won an i-Pod on Stacy Julian's blog! (Thanks to Lynette for bringing this to my attention.) I won it about a month ago and it's really cool. The short story is that Stacy Julian wasn't supposed to give it away, Apple's policy, but since she already picked a winner (me) Apple said she could give it away. Stacy Julian called me to tell me all about this. She is SO very nice and it was like talking to a girlfriend. I told Stacy I was taking two of her classes in November at the Scrapbook Convention in Bellevue. Stacy told me to bring it to her and hold it up to her, so I did that today. It took her a minute to realize why I was holding the i-Pod up to her. She's like you're my "i-Pod twin". So after class I wanted my picture taken with her and have her sign her latest book. She told me to go get my i-Pod and we would take a picture with them. So I did and she asked me to email it to her, which I already did that as well. So there we are with our twin i-Pods. How cool is that!?!