Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June update

June has been fun, in spite of the cold weather. I finished up doing the video for Tommy's kindergarten class. Tom videotaped events during the year and I put it together. It took me 100+ hours to do. The parents and kids loved it. Though almost half the people had trouble with their videos, so just when I think I was done with it, I had to burn more DVD's. I told Tom to remind me when Joey is in kindergarten, for us not to sign up for that!

Tommy is out of school and we are back to staying up late and sleeping in, much to my delight! Of course, not Tom's, since he is a morning person and still has to get up and go to work. Summer will be over soon enough, Honey. :)

Tom had a nice Father's Day. We went to the Science Center and Tom and Joey were free! Joey was free because of his age and Tom was free because it was Father's Day. You don't get in free too many places anymore, so that was nice. We had a very nice time and it was sunny that day to make it extra special! The boys got Tom Wii Mario Kart, which Tom likes to play when Tommy isn't playing it.

We also celebrated Uncle Chris' birthday this month. They boys just love their Uncle Chris and can be as goofy around him as they want because he is just as goofy. I think it's important to have an uncle like that and we are certainly glad they have Chris.

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Jessica Booth said...

Love the updates, Vicky!