Wednesday, June 18, 2008

May Events

So I know it's been a long time since I blogged! So here's what has happened since I last blogged.

At the beginning of May, my parents came over as Tommy's class was doing the May Crowning Mass for his school. He was very cute and spoke his part well and loud enough for everyone to hear. We are very proud of him for getting up and speaking in front of the entire school!

A few days after the Mass, my brother, Richard, came up here from California for a conference. I haven't seen my brother in 6 years and he hasn't been up here in 12+ years. It was so wonderful for all of us to spend time together. It was also very nice that we have a house large enough that we can have everyone over and everyone gets their own bathroom, much to my Mother's liking. The boys really like spending time with their Uncle Richard and liked attacking him as well. Richard has not changed much, which is nice to see that he is still the same smart aleck that he always has been. He has a quick wit about him and really says things how they are, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. :)

For Mother's Day, we all went to see my Mom's Mom, GG. She is used to the quiet, so I know having us all over at once is quite a commotion. I know that even though she doesn't love all the noise, that she loved having us all over together. Here's a couple of pictures from that day.

Joey giving GG a kiss. How sweet is that?

It was a very fast paced visit with Richard and my parents here, but I certainly loved every minute of it! I only hope we can do it again sooner than 6 years and next time Richard can bring his son, Evan, for Tommy and Joey to play with. Tommy talks about Cousin Evan quite often and while they have met, Tommy was 10 months and Evan was 2-1/2. So it would be great to get the cousins together and just let them have fun and play.

Other events for May was when it was sunny, Tom broke out the Mustang and picked Tommy up from school. Before he left, Joey had to get in and check it out. Here he is check his hair in the mirror. I'm not exactly sure who he got that from. :)

Tommy continued to have baseball games and he really is turning into a great little slugger who can bat either right or left handed. He is right handed, but we think because Tom is left handed and that is they way he taught Tommy to bat, that is why he bats better left handed than right. A good think either way!

On a sad note for May, my cousin Mark passed away from brain cancer. He was only 51. While I only met him once or twice, I'm deeply saddened. Knowing how wonderful his parents are, I'm sure the apple could not have fallen far from the tree. Rest in peace Mark, rest in peace.

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